Data Services

Today's businesses have to deal with large volumes of data to remain competitive, study trends, optimize resource utilization and maximize profitability. You may have to invest resources to deal with this huge data volumes and ensuring generation of quality and reliable data, which in turn shifts focus away from core activities while adds to costs. We at Recherché offer economical Data Services and Solutions that help you focus on your core activities while we take care of your non-core, bottom of the pyramid work to produce time-saving and result oriented data bases that aid business decision making.

Data Entry

Recherché offers efficient and most cost-effective Online and Offline Data Entry Services customized to suit requirements of its clients. Our professionally trained manpower backed with intelligent technology, ensures high quality of data entry services into our clients online web-based databases or clients’ offline proprietary databases. We undertake tasks such as filling out forms, data entry of documents, form processing, insurance claims, e-book-keeping etc., with high level of accuracy.

Data Collation

We offer Data Collation services wherein we help our clients build, cleanse and maintain their customized databases by populating them with information culled and collated from various sources. The tasks may involve collating data into databases from websites, annual reports, marketing and product brochures, other databases, social networking websites etc.

Data Capture

We offer a range of automated and manual data capture services that enable our clients to capture hardcopy data and convert and store the data in a readily retrievable digital format. This may be manual text and numeric data capture and entry or automated data capturing through OCR, ICR, Barcode and like technologies.

Data Processing

You can outsource to us data processing of your non-core but sensitive and critical data wherein we help you capture, extract digitize and process data from multiple sources. Data could be printed texts, manuscripts, scanned images. Processing functions includes–Forms Processing, Forms scanning, Digitization, Market Research Form processing, Mailing List Compilations and other similar services.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics services help clients in uncovering future trends and make optimal business decisions ahead of competition. We offer Quantitative Analysis, Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis using data and models to forecast future trend and outcomes and Descriptive Analytics to enable you make your business ready and aligned to future trends.

Data Extraction

We help you extract and process data and information from multiple resources and convert it into meticulously and logically organized data for analysis and decision making. We offer a wide range of customized data extraction services to suit your requirement from multiple sources including databases, documents, images, websites etc. We can even produce synthesized reports based on these data sets based on set of parameters defined by you.

Data Abstraction

We help you in distilling large pools of data into actionable data abstracts that enable you in business decision making. We sort, review, categorize and aggregate data into concise and compact data abstracts in form of reports, databases, worksheets etc., without losing key elements.

Other Data Services

Do speak to us about any of your data entry, processing and management requirements that may not be covered under any of the heading above. We are happy to work with our clients to develop customized data solutions and services to meet their immediate and long-term requirements.

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