Research Solutions

Recherché offers research and analytics outsourcing solutions and services to help clients outsource “bottom of the pyramid” functions and activities and concentrate on client facing, revenue generating and high-value ideas and activities. Our team with extensive experience in research, strategy consulting and risk management, we blend our expertise and processes to offer business, financial and investment research services to its global and domestic clients. Recherché enables its clients to retain the flexibility of deploying their senior staff for greater client facing roles, improve their analyst coverage ratio but without a drop in quality and depth, and achieve all this cost-effectively by outsourcing research support activities.

Bespoke Research

Recherché provides "custom-made" or "made to order" research services wherein it customizes the reports to the client's requirement. These reports cut across verticals and could deal with analysis of impact of special events, policy changes, changes in the operating environment, Merger & Acquisition activity etc.

Team Recherché recognizes that it can add value by simply serving as an outsourced research solution provider to its clients that may not have the time or resources to complete certain specialized research projects. To assist our clients with these reports, our team possesses both the wide range of resources and strong commitment levels needed to add significant value throughout all stages of the investment process.

White Label Research

Sometimes companies want to outsource part or entire research and analysis activities but they still want to sell or distribute the research reports or results featuring their own brand name. For such companies, Recherché undertakes the research, analysis, financial modelling, valuation, report writing, editing and delivers it to its clients the final report along with related model in client customized format, under client's brand name which can be distributed by the client to its customers.

Recherché can either work as an extension of the client's in-house research team helping them expand their coverage or as a completely outsourced research division of the client, publishing end-to-end research reports under the client's brand.

Equity Research

Producing high quality and timely research is a great way to differentiate in the market. Recherché provides a wide range of equity research outsourcing services and financial research outsourcing services to equity focussed clients that help them accelerate the pace of idea generation, expansion into new geographies, entry into new sectors and on-going maintenance research, handle spike in work during earnings season thus allowing in-house analysts to spend more time on revenue generating activities.

Recherché helps sell-side firms to rapidly expand coverage and reduce time spend on routine maintenance research while it supports the buy-side firms by providing data-heavy research tasks in areas relating to investment screening, modelling, portfolio tracking etc. Our focus has been to provide consistent and scalable equity research solutions to our clients.

Fixed-Income & Credit Research

Recherché provides a wide range of fixed-income and credit research and analytics outsourcing solutions to both buy-side and sell-side clients, helping them identify and evaluate potential investment opportunities, and control their costs. We support our clients in credit modelling, initiating coverage, maintenance research, preparing and maintaining relative value databases, investment memos and notes, conducting analysis, portfolio tracking and several other activities thus freeing up their valuable time for revenue generation and client facing activities.

Our research capabilities are spread across most fixed-income products, including rates, investment-grade, high-yield, distressed debt, leveraged finance, structured products, public finance, emerging markets and commodities.

Earning & Valuation Models

Recherché provides reliable financial modelling and company valuation support services that may even be customized to each client’s needs. Our services support fund managers and analysts in building and maintaining financial model across industry sectors and our capabilities include populating historical financial data, capital structure analysis models, comparable company analysis, simple and detailed company valuation models, detailed earnings estimation models, and incorporating sensitivity analysis etc.

By leveraging our capabilities, our clients save time, money and effort in building and maintaining financial models and allow them faster turnaround during earnings seasons and other corporate actions. We can build models on our proprietary templates or can create firm-specific standard templates and databases.

Company and Sector Research

Recherché assists its client in preparing company and sector research reports that could range from short investment briefs to detailed research report covering investment rationale, industry dynamics and outlook, risks and concerns along with rating recommendations of "Buy", "Sell", "Hold" or "Accumulate" (depending on rating scale followed by the client). Sector reports cover detailed trends and development of the sector, operating environment, policy regime, risks and concerns and may include brief insights on major players in the sector and their business strategies. We can customize our services and reports to align with each client's requirements and templates providing them "ready to publish and distribute" reports.

Investment Memorandum & Pitch-Books

Recherché’s investment memorandum and pitch-book services primarily support hedge funds, private equity funds and entities looking to raise funds from the market. Our team of analysts will do the research and analysis, build financial models and gather data to prepare investment memorandum and pitch-books that can be used by funds to circulate amongst its investors and decision makers. Companies and entities looking at doing road-shows and presentations for fund raising can use these documents as sales pitch for investments.

Other Research Assignments

Talk to Recherché for your specific and ad hoc business, financial and investment research requirements that may not have been covered under any of the heads above. Supported by a team of experienced analysts and access to resources, we assure you that we can assist in meeting your ad hoc, one-time research requirements.

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