Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

Corporate legal business units and law firms are experiencing intense pressure to keep their legal expenses down as a part of all round business imperatives to become leaner and productive. We at Recherche India, a Knowledge Management Company, provide high-quality and cost effective legal support services. Our services span areas including Legal Research and Drafting, Contract Management and Review, Document Review, Paralegal Services, Legal Data Entry and Accounting and Secretarial & Regulatory Compliance and so on. We work closely with our clients providing cost-cutting possibilities and allowing them to focus on strategic legal issues and use their high-value resources more effectively.

Legal Research and Drafting

Our Associates are skilled in responding to a wide range of legal research requests, from quick requests for cases and legislation to in-depth analysis of development and trends. Using research tools and databases, we can expeditiously and cost-effectively draft any legal documents and can support a broad range of legal research tasks, including:

1. Litigation and non-litigation legal research
2. Litigation Support & Research
3. Case Law Research
4. Reviewing and drafting legal documents
5. Drafting research memoranda, briefs and legal opinions
6. Preparing detailed analysis of relevant issues

Contract Management and Review

The high volumes of routine contracts and the time required to draft and negotiate them can distract in-house resources from managing more important, higher-risk contracts and assignments. Our team of legal professionals help your contract review process; support your on-going contract creation, review and negotiation requirements, conducting gap analysis etc. Our contract management and review services include:

1. Contract Drafting and Management
2. Contract Review and Redlining
3. Preparing Contract Abstracts and Summarizations
4. Drafting and Review of Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements
5. Drafting and Review of Loan and Business Agreements
6. Populating and Managing Contract Databases

E-Discovery and Document Review

Document review is often the most expensive, time consuming and labour intensive aspect of a case. Our eDiscovery services facilitate in accelerating the document reviewing and managing costs. We assist in articulating the areas of greatest relevance to the case by reviewing large amounts of data in a heedful and cost effective way to classify the targeted content. Our services include:

1. Objective Document Coding
2. Document Reviewing for Privilege and/or Confidentiality
3. Coding Documents for issues along with Subjective Criteria
4. Building Charts of Fundamental Terms or Concepts
5. Deposition Summaries
6. Focused and Issue-specific reviewing of the Documentary Database
7. Assisting Counsel and Expert Witness in establishing an evidential Database

Secretarial and Regulatory Compliance Services

Rapidly changing regulatory requirements have led to corporations facing ever increasing local, national and international compliance requirements and growing volumes of preventive and case-related activities. Our team of legal and compliance professionals help reduce the burden and costs of these compliance requirements while improving the productivity, depth and quality of compliance. Our services include:

1. Preparation of Regulatory Filings
2. Financial Regulatory Filings
3. Pre and Post Listing Support
4. Annual General Meeting and Other Company Meeting Compliances
5. Corporation Incorporation and Registrations
6. Corporate Governance Related Compliances

Paralegal Services

The mounting paralegal activities have clearly mandated the need to look at paralegal support services from a more professional outlook rather than as a manageable in-house activity. We provide a team of quality legal assistants who are equipped with common law knowledge and are well-versed with the country law and practices that enables us to provide our clients correct and superior quality paralegal support services at reasonable prices. Our paralegal services include:

1. Legal Documentation and Reviews
2. Legal Data Entry and Transcription services
3. Contract Abstraction and Extractions
4. Billing and Bookkeeping Services
5. Proof-Reading and Editing Documents
6. Creation and Maintenance of Client Files
7. E-mail Support
8. Data Format Conversions and Storage

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